Service and Repair

If your FLARM device is not working correctly, please first make sure that it is correctly installed and configured.You may find many relevant resources and documents in the Support Section of this website.

If the device is is still within the legal guarantee period, contact the installer or dealer from whom the device was purchased. They can organize a warranty repair. In other cases, please contact the nearest FLARM Service Partner who can repair the device. Note that Service Partners operate independently of FLARM and set their own prices.

List of Service Partners

Service Partner Region Products
Menkar Technology
EU PowerFLARM Core
PowerFLARM Fusion
Ülis Segelflugbedarf
EU PowerFLARM Core
Classic FLARM
Cumulus Soaring
PowerFLARM Fusion
Craggy Aero
PowerFLARM Fusion
 AU PowerFLARM Core
FLARM Technology
CH All PowerFLARM products
All UAV products

Please do not send devices without first contacting the service partner and receiving shipment instructions!

Repairs in Switzerland

If your device requires repair in Switzerland, please contact us at to request a Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA) code prior to shipping. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

If you you ship from outside Switzerland, please use a courier (e.g. FedEx, UPS, DHL Express) to ensure fast customs handling and to avoid extra fees. Shipments must be accompanied by a low sum (EUR 10) Proforma Invoice, stating the following exact phrase clearly visible: Return of Swiss merchandise for repair. The proforma invoice must also state the following EU HS-code:

HS-Code: 9014 20 80

The address of our repair center is:

FLARM Technology AG
c/o Placetec AG
Industriestrasse 17
4410 Liestal