ADS-R and TIS-B now in PowerFLARM!

The US having two ADS-B Out standards (1090ES and UAT) creates all kinds of problems for pilots. Collision avoidance systems not being able to see most aircraft is a major factor in the absence of collision warnings. To mitigate this, we are now introducing ADS-R and TIS-B reception in PowerFLARM Fusion as well as in PowerFLARM Core and Portable.

ADS-R and TIS-B are rebroadcast services offered by the FAA in the US. Aircraft with ADS-B Out equipment using the „wrong“ standard as well as transponder-only aircraft are rebroadcast on „your“ ADS-B frequency.

This new feature is included with PowerFLARM Fusion from firmware version 7.03 and offered as an option for PowerFLARM Core and PowerFLARM Portable.

More information about the ADS-R and TIS-B reception is available here.