Flarm technology


The award-winning collision avoidance system FLARM® has evolved into the more robust and versatile PowerFLARM®. With improved design and increased functionality, the new PowerFLARM® incorporates leading-edge technology that greatly enhances your safety.

Designed as a behind the panel device, the PowerFLARM® CORE stays out of the way and leaves more space for the valuable FLARM® display. Concurrently, this increases the flexibility of display placement and the selection of operating modes.

For aircraft where a behind the panel installation is not possible, there is also a PowerFLARM® Portable available. This device incorporates a display as well as a control knob and can easily be places e.g. on the glareshield.

All PowerFLARM® devices are fully compatible with the over 25'000 classic FLARM® devices currently in use. PowerFLARM® will thus show and be seen by classic FLARM® devices.

FLARM Technology GmbH has discontinued producing and selling classic FLARM® devices since we launched PowerFLARM®. There are however compatible systems based on the classic FLARM®. These compatible systems are listed further down the page.

The differences between PowerFLARM® and classic FLARM® are shown in the table below. For more information, please contact your FLARM® dealer.

  Classic FLARM® PowerFLARM®
Compatible with all FLARM® and PowerFLARM® devices check check
Max Range 3-5 km > 10 km
High sensitivity FLARM receiver check check
Enhanced GPS sensitivity check check
Protection against mobile network interference (4G, LTE) check check
Panel mounted USB port for updates, flight recording readout, charging cell phones, etc. check check
Extended power supply voltage range check check
No. of independent and fully functional data ports 1 2
EASA fixed installation approval check check
Obstacle database check check
ADS-B receiver check check
SSR Transponder Mode A/C/S receiver check check
Antenna diversity check check
IGC flight recorder (incl. ENL) check check
Audio out (connection to headset or audio panel) check check
Garmin TIS interface check check
Recommended for Old fiberglass gliders where a fixed installation is not feasible. Gliders and powered aircraft.
Price from (MSRP) N/A1) EUR 6902)

1) Price for compatible systems can be acquired from the respective dealer.
2) Excl. VAT and shipment.

Compatible systems

Compatible systems are available from the following companies:

LXNAV LX 8000, LX 9000
LX Navigation Redbox, LX 7007, Colibri Flarm, Mini Box
Triadis Floice: full voice-Intercom output, used in Swiss SAR helicopters
Ediatec ECW 100: 57mm with buzzer-Intercom output and numeric distance indicator
Swift Avionics
(Australia and New Zealand)
OzFlarm, MiniOZ
Swiss-Batv3+/v4 display for PowerFLARM

No other devices are fully compatible with FLARM.
Please read our considerations about compatibility.

FLARM displays

External displays (LED and graphical) are available from the following suppliers:


The small-size, low-cost, low-power device FLARM broadcasts its own position and speed vector (as obtained with an integrated GPS) over a license-free ISM band radio transmission. At the same time it listens to other devices based on the same standard. Intelligent motion prediction algorithms predict short-term conflicts and warn the pilot accordingly by acoustical and visual means. FLARM incorporates a high-precision WAAS 16-channel GPS receiver and an integrated low-power radio transceiver. Static obstacles are included in FLARM's database. The collision warning algorithms were calibrated and optimized using thousands of flight logs. No warning is given if an aircraft does not pose an immediate threat.


FLARM delivers an enriched NMEA-0183 stream including conflict data. As a further option, FLARM can be used as a data logger; its log file is compatible with the IGC standard. IGC approval is available as an option.



PowerFLARM advantages (in German)

Powerpoint presentation, 31.6 MB


Flarm in action

Flarm Device

Original FLARM
for gliders and portable use


for helicopters and other GA
with advanced voice / intercom interface

ECW 100

for GA
with advanced buzzer / intercom output
and digital distance indicator

various other housings and configurations available from licensees