Flarm technology


An extensive English presentation is available here.

The original ('Classic') FLARM devices are no longer in production. We recommend PowerFLARM instead. PowerFLARM has improved range, two antenna connections and receives Mode C/S and ADS-B signals. It is fully compatible with all 25'000+ FLARM devices in operation.

Compatible systems

Compatible systems are available from the following companies:

PowerFLARM PowerFLARM Portable and Core, designed and manufactured by FLARM in Switzerland
LXNAV LX 8000, LX 9000
LX Navigation Redbox, LX 7007, Colibri Flarm, Mini Box
Triadis Floice: full voice-Intercom output, used in Swiss SAR helicopters
Ediatec ECW 100: 57mm with buzzer-Intercom output and numeric distance indicator
Swift Avionics
(Australia and New Zealand)
OzFlarm, MiniOZ
Swiss-Batv3+/v4 display for PowerFLARM

No other devices are fully compatible to FLARM.
Please read our considerations about compatibility

Regarding the system TM250 made by Funkwerk Avionics (previously known as Filser), Funkwerk and Flarm have agreed on June 24, 2009 to the following description (below the inofficial translation): "Via the serial port, an external FLARM-system can be connected to TM250, allowing to display positions and directions of the airplanes on TM250. If no FLARM-system is installed and connected to TM250, TM250 is still capable to indicate gliders at low accuracy. This is done with a rough detection of the signal strength of a FLARM-eqipped glider. In this case, no indication can be made regarding direction, altitude, distance or position of the other aircraft. Furthermore, no signals are emitted to the other aircraft." (full German text available at hier)

FLARM displays

External displays (LED and graphical) are available from the following suppliers:


The small-size, low-cost, low-power device FLARM broadcasts its own position and speed vector (as obtained with an integrated GPS) over a license-free ISM band radio transmission. At the same time it listens to other devices based on the same standard. Intelligent motion prediction algorithms predict short-term conflicts and warn the pilot accordingly by acoustical and visual means. FLARM incorporates a high-precision WAAS 16-channel GPS receiver and an integrated low-power radio transceiver. Static obstacles are included in FLARM's database. The collision warning algorithms were calibrated and optimized using thousands of flight logs. No warning is given if an aircraft does not pose an immediate threat.


FLARM delivers an enriched NMEA-0183 stream including conflict data. As a further option, FLARM can be used as a data logger; its log file is compatible with the IGC standard, however FLARM is not IGC approved.



PowerFLARM advantages (in German)

Powerpoint presentation, 31.6 MB


Flarm in action

Flarm Device

Original FLARM
for gliders and portable use


for helicopters and other GA
with advanced voice / intercom interface

ECW 100

for GA
with advanced buzzer / intercom output
and digital distance indicator

various other housings and configurations available from licensees