Flarm technology

Traffic and Collision Warning for General Aviation

New: FLARM update 2014 with for-fee obstacle database

FLARM® is an affordable, active and cooperative traffic and collision-warning system for general aviation and recreational flying. Since 2004, over 25'000 fully FLARM and fully-compatible devices have been installed in aircraft worldwide. These devices have been credited on many occasions with avoiding dangerous situations and increasing situation awareness. FLARM is the only prevalent alternative to the commercial airliners’ expensive ACAS/TCAS system:

  • shows nearby traffic, warns visually and acoustically of approaching other aircraft or fixed obstacles
  • intelligent motion prediction minimizes nuisance alarms and supports situational awareness
  • integrates with over 50 compatible products by other manufacturers (e.g. PDA moving maps) through open serial port protocol
  • all versions feature microSD card for easy up- and downloads, IGC-format flight recording and OLC-approval
  • based on award-winning original FLARM design, endorsed by FAI, IGC/OSTIV and EASA (AMC Part 21, Part M)
  • optional diamond-level IGC-approval with/without engine noise sensor (ENL)
  • typically 4-8km radio range, verified with online radio range analyzer
  • powerful 16-channel high-precision uBlox LEA-GPS module
  • embedded database covers Italian, Swiss, Austrian, French and German obstacles, with updates (functionality at cost)
  • sustainable and full compatibility with wide range of Flarm-licensed products
  • operates in a license-free radio band, not based on transponder technology
  • small size and simple installation (12V - 24VDC, 43mA)


Mid-air collision at a gliding contest in Parowan, Utah, June 15, 2010. PowerFLARM replay using original IGC flight recordings of both involved gliders. The gliders were not PowerFLARM equipped. PowerFLARM would almost certainly have avoided the accident.

Other videos on YouTube

  • FLARM used by the Swiss SAR helicopter operator REGA (in German). [ YouTube ]
  • Near miss on a gliding contest out of Seminole, Florida, March 16, 2006. PowerFLARM replay of original IGC flight recordings from both involved gliders. [ YouTube ]
  • FLARM - an inflight demo in California. Gliders flying in close promixity, demo of collision alerts, scenery in the sky over California. [ YouTube ]


Please notice that the Classic FLARM devices are no longer being manufactured. They have been superseded by the superior PowerFLARM Portable and Core devices, designed and manufactred by FLARM in Switzerland. Please contact one of our resellers for a quote.


PowerFLARM advantages (German)

More than 25'000 devices in use!

More than 12'000 own devices manufactured by FLARM® plus over 5'000 devices manufactured by licensed 3rd parties are in use in many countries and continents.
Demonstration devices are available for evaluation.

Flarm Device

Original FLARM
for gliders and portable use


for helicopters and other GA
with advanced voice / intercom interface

ECW 100

for GA
with advanced buzzer / intercom output
and digital distance indicator

various other housings and configurations available from licensees