Horizon XC

Experience the power of seamless connectivity and enhanced safety with the Horizon XC, a state-of-the-art miniature FLARM system designed specifically for hang- and paragliding enthusiasts. By integrating FANET and FLARM protocols into a single compact module, Horizon XC offers you the best of both worlds in one tiny package.

Product Highlights

  • Combined FANET and FLARM Radio Modem: Enjoy the benefits of FANET’s remarkable LoRa technology for extensive tracking and buddy flying, coupled with FLARM’s vast installation base in General Aviation for unrivaled safety.
  • Miniature Module, Fully Integrated: Horizon XC boasts a remarkably tiny footprint, measuring only 8.5 x 9.3 mm, making it effortlessly adaptable to various instruments and equipment.
  • 4D Obstacle Warning Engine: With the inclusion of the FLARM 4D obstacle warning engine, Horizon XC takes safety to new heights. Install databases from our website onto the device for in-flight warnings (requires an external Flash memory chip).
  • EU and US Frequency Bands: Horizon XC operates on both the European (868 MHz) and North American (915 MHz) frequency bands, ensuring compatibility for users in different markets.
  • FCC and CE Certified: Horizon XC meets stringent regulatory standards worldwide. It holds both FCC and CE certifications, guaranteeing compliance and reliability.
  • Straightforward Host Integration: Horizon XC seamlessly communicates with the host controller via UART (3.3V tolerant) and two digital control signals: time pulse and reset. Send and receiving FANET payloads via this interface.
  • Drop-in replacement for FANET+ modules: If you don’t need the small form factor, an adapter board is available as design to host Horizon XC on the same footprint as the FANET+ module.

Horizon XC: The Ultimate FLARM + FANET Module for Free Flight Applications

Operating Voltage 1.8 V nominal
Current consumption 15 mA typical
35 mA max
Dimensions  8.5 x 9.3 mm / 1.3 g
RF output power 13.5 dBm nominal
Temperature -40..85 °C
Humidity 0..95% RH, non-condensing
Frequency bands Europe: 868 MHz
US: 915 MHz
FLARM receive rate
Reduced, one per 5 seconds
CE / ETSI RED certified
FCC CFR47 part 15 ready