XC Tracer II for paragliders available with FLARM

FLARM has partnered with XC Tracer to bring affordable collision avoidance to paragliding, once more. XC Tracer II integrates the new FLARM Atom System-on-Chip architecture into XC Tracer’s proven instrument, bringing a miniaturized, cost-effective, fully-featured, integrated FLARM to the paragliding world.

XC Tracer II is a leading vario system with an integrated large solar cell, making it virtually independent from a power source. Unlike other offerings on the market, it is also a fully functional FLARM, capable of both transmitting and receiving traffic signals, and (optional) obstacle warnings. It can display traffic on a moving-map display connected via Bluetooth for increased situational awareness. Plus, it’ll show your buddies while flying, so it is fun, too.

XC Tracer II can be pre-ordered here. Shipments are expected to start early next year.