Manuals & Documents

Below you will find all currently valid manuals and other documents relating to Classic FLARM and PowerFLARM devices manufactured by FLARM Technology. You will also find other documents relating to the FLARM ecosystem and FLARM devices in general. For documents specific to FLARM devices and displays manufactured by OEMs, please contact the manufacturer of the equipment.


Classic FLARM

The model number for your Classic FLARM can be identified from the serial number. The first two characters (the letter “F” and a number) is the model number of your device. E.g. if your serial number is F61234, the model number is F6.

If you cannot identify the serial number, the table below will help you by looking at the front and back of the device.

Serial Year Front Back microSD
2007+ f06front f05back YES
F6xxxx 2006 f06front f05back YES
F5xxxx 2005 f05front f05back NO
F4xxxx 2004 f04front f04back NO


Installation Manuals

Operating Manuals

Atom UAV/Aurora

Other Documents

Documents available to Developers

The following documents are available to developers of products interfacing with FLARM.