Statement by FLARM Technology about recent unsolicited emails

Recently, a person claiming to be a “Herbert Khum” or “Herbert Khun” has been sending unsolicited email messages to several recipients. The email messages have been sent from different email addresses, assumed to be fake. The messages have also been posted in forums. Mr. Khum claims to be an employee of ABB Germany. Some messages have also listed a phone number pointing to ABB Switzerland, contradicting above statement. The phone extension listed does however not exist and ABB does not have any person working for them with that name.

The message contains unsubstantiated, dubious, and false claims about the FLARM system. Mr. Khum has unfortunately not contacted us directly in any form to discuss the alleged issues to work towards a quick resolution. Each firmware version of FLARM is thoroughly tested to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the system. This is the case with the current firmware version, just as with previous versions.

FLARM Technology has also published a white paper which explains the compatibility considerations for a safe and effective system. The white paper can be found here.

We remain committed to improving safety in aviation and are thus very much interested in learning about defects in any of our products. We therefore invite Mr. Khum to provide a means to reproduce his findings unambiguously.