Solutions for hang gliders

As a hang glider, a collision with an aircraft could ruin your day. Because of the limited maneuverability with a hang glider, carrying a complete FLARM system would not be feasible. Even if you were alerted of an imminent collision, there would be little you could do. For this purpose, there is a special FLARM module for hang gliders. The module alerts other aircraft of your position, so they can keep their distance. The module works autonomously without needing your attention.

The following FLARM devices are available for the hang glider market:

FLARM systems and devices are available from many different manufacturers. Some manufacturers specialize in devices for specific aircraft types. Devices without a built-in display must be connected to a FLARM Compatible display as a primary means of collision avoidance, and can in addition be connected to a secondary display for e.g. traffic awareness.