Solutions for gliders

Originally developed for gliders, this is still where FLARM has its largest customer base. When the FLARM device is set up as a glider, the algorithms utilize special rules to aid in collision risk calculations. These rules have been specially designed for thermalling, ridge soaring, towing, and other flight phases specific to gliders.

The optional integrated IGC flight recorded will come in handy if you are aiming for the stars. PowerFLARM even has engine noise level monitoring as an option for motor gliders.

The following FLARM devices are available for the glider market:

FLARM systems and devices are available from many different manufacturers. Some manufacturers specialize in devices for specific aircraft types. Devices without a built-in display must be connected to a FLARM Compatible display as a primary means of collision avoidance, and can in addition be connected to a secondary display for e.g. traffic awareness.