Solutions for organizations

If you have several aircraft in your flight school or flying club, you have probably had situations where two or more aircraft came closer to each other than what felt comfortable. FLARM will help you avoid that in the future. If you are a UAV operator, we have solutions for you as well.

Solutions for Flight schools

As a flight school, you face special challenges when several aircraft fly in the same training sector. Instrument and partial panel training puts even more stress on the instructor. With FLARM, you can rest assured that if you miss that other aircraft in the corner of your eye, FLARM will make sure to draw your attention to the new threat.

Solutions for flying clubs

No flying club is the same. What is however usually similar, is that there are many pilots flying different aircraft at different times. This usually increases the time spent looking at the panel, instead of searching the sky for other aircraft. In these and many other cases, FLARM will draw the pilot's attention to imminent collision risks.

Solutions for UAS operators

UAV operators and manufacturers all over the world are currently looking for technology that allows them to fly in non-segregated airspace. FLARM Technology is currently working with several of these companies to integrate FLARM into the UAV environment.