EASA Minor Change Approval (MCA) for PowerFLARM Core

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The installation of FLARM in a certified aircraft is formally a change to the aircraft and its type certificate. EASA requires such changes to be approved. Approval is required for powered aircraft and gliders alike. The installation of FLARM is considered a minor change, so an EASA Minor Change Approval (MCA) or, in some cases, a Standard Change (CS-STAN) is sufficient. The approval includes requirements for installation and continued airworthiness.

The available MCA for PowerFLARM Core has been developed by FLARM Technology in cooperation with EASA and covers airplanes below 2.000 kg. The full Approved Model List (AML) can be downloaded here. The MCA includes external antennas and certified FLARM Compatible displays.

The MCA documents and the Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS) are issued for an individual aircraft. When you purchase the package, the following documents which are formally part of the Minor Change Approval are included:

  • EASA Minor Change Approval 10055051
  • FTD-9-AFMS Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS)
  • FTD-9-10 Wiring diagram
  • FTD-9-50 Qualification form
  • FTD-9-60 Instructions for continued airworthiness
  • FTD-9-65 Installation instructions
  • FTD-9-70 Mass and balance form
  • FTD-9-80 Load analysis form
  • FTD-007 Approved displays for FLARM devices

FLARM can also be installed as a Standard Change (CS-SC051) in certain aircraft, but then limited to day VFR. If installed as a Standard Change, at least the AFMS and Instructions for continued airworthiness are required. It is then also required to develop individual Installation instructions. All those documents are part of this package.

If you cannot find your aircraft in the AML or using the search above, this FAQ article might be of help.

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