FLARM is open to developers, avionics manufacturers, and system integrators. Modules and System-on-Chip solutions are available to easily integrate FLARM into other products or used to build stand-alone devices.

Two different solutions are available: PowerFLARM OEM and FLARM Atom. PowerFLARM OEM consists of a range of modules that can be soldered onto a carrier PCB (leadless chip carrier, LCC). It supports radio diversity for true 360° coverage and reception of transponder and ADS-B signals (1090MHz).

FLARM Atom consists of a single System-on-Chip (SoC), aimed at highly miniaturized applications. Radio and logic components are integrated into a single component, requiring only a handful of additional discrete components, thus providing full FLARM functionality in a tiny package.

Classic FLARM (obsolete) FLARM Atom SoC PowerFLARM OEM
Interoperability Full Full Full
Geographic area Europe Worldwide Worldwide
Module Type Diverse SoC PCB-based LCC
Range 3-5 km 5-8 km > 10 km
Size Diverse 7 x 7 mm 64 x 28 mm
Mass Diverse < 1 g 9 g
Antenna Diversity No No Yes
1090 Receiver No No Yes

Additional information is available in the product sheets under the links below. If you are interested in developing with FLARM, contact us.