Atom System-on-Chip

FLARM Atom SoC is a highly integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) solution designed for space and power-constrained applications requiring full FLARM interoperability. Ideal for UAV and ultralight aircraft, our compact module combines radio and logic components, minimizing additional discrete components for a cost-effective, space-efficient solution.


  • Situational awarenss & collision avoidance
  • Streamlined integration with minimal footprint and power consumption
  • Uncompromised performance with full FLARM interoperability
  • Manufactured to European aviation standards
  • Standard FLARM ICD protocol for seamless integration with existing periphery
  • Fixed obstacle warning system

Unlock the potential of FLARM Atom SoC and elevate your avionics line. Contact us to revolutionize your systems with our compact, powerful, and cost-effective solution.

Interoperability Full
Geographic area Worldwide
Module Type SoC
Range 5-8 km
Size 7 x 7 mm
Mass < 1 g
Antenna Diversity No
1090 Receiver Optional

Additional information is available in the product sheets under the link below. If you are interested in developing with FLARM, contact us.