Originally invented in 2004, FLARM is still today the only prevalent alternative to the expensive TCAS system used in airliners. The system and technology itself is described under the Technology section.

The original or Classic FLARM that was developed over a decade ago has seen some major change in the last years. The Classic FLARM has today been replaced by the PowerFLARM line of products. PowerFLARM is faster, has an increased range and many new safety features.

In addition to PowerFLARM devices manufactured by FLARM Technology, there are many devices available from licensed manufacturers. A wealth of FLARM compatible displays and other devices are also available on the market. Altogether, there are over 50 different FLARM compatible products available.


PowerFLARM is the improved FLARM technology based on the well-proven Classic FLARM. PowerFLARM devices feature stronger transmitters, higher sensitivity receivers, optional antenna diversity, better interference protection, an ADS-B and transponder receiver, a faster processor with more memory, and EASA approval.

Product Add-ons

In addition to the award-winning collision avoidance functionality of FLARM, the system also contains many other valuable features. Especially acclaimed is our unique obstacle collision warning system, which upgrades the FLARM system to warn also about imminent obstacle collisions.


FLARM UAV products are ready-to-fly and specially made for small to large UAVs.