PowerFLARM MCA approved by EASA

The European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA, has formally approved PowerFLARM to be installed in gliders and powered airplanes. The installation of FLARM is considered a minor change to the type certificate of the aircraft. The approval is formally called EASA Minor Change Approval, or MCA for short. FLARM Technology was granted the approval after considerable investment in developing a new Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS), amended airworthiness procedures, and other required documents.

Normally, an MCA is applied for by each installer. In addition to developing the documents listed above, it requires assessing the equipment and its installation against the applicable certification specifications (CS-22 for gliders and CS-23 for powered airplanes). Because this entails considerable effort, we created this MCA to cover most airplanes (gliders and powered airplanes) below 2.000 kg.

Installation of FLARM can also be carried out as a standard change; however, in that case limited to day VFR. It requires essentially the same documents as the MCA, but can be approved by the installer without involving EASA. It thus decreases the administrative burden for installers who wish to pursue their own MCA. The documents included in our MCA are adequate also for a standard change installation.

The MCA furthermore includes approval for installation of external antennas (including the new external FLARM antenna) as well as compatible FLARM displays.

To read more or to purchase the MCA, please visit the MCA product page.