White papers

From time to time, we publish white papers that explain certain elements of the FLARM ecosystem. The white papers are free to distribute, provided that they are unaltered and that the source is referenced.

System Design and Interoperability

FLARM is based on cooperative exchange of digital data through radio communication, similar to ADS-B. Due to the cooperative exchange of data amongst the devices, interoperability is critical: each device needs to speak the same language in order to be interpreted correctly. Innovation and improvements must happen while retaining full interoperability of the complete population at all times. This white paper explains FLARM's system design and interoperability framework.

Regulatory requirements for installing FLARM in aircraft

When installing any type of equipment in a type-certificated aircraft, there are mainly two types of legal requirements: First, the equipment has to be approved, and second, the installation itself has to be approved. These two requirements are distinct and commonly mixed up even by aviation professionals. We have published a white paper that explains those two requirements and how they relate to the installation of FLARM.