Introducing PowerFLARM Fusion — Back to Simple!

Over the years, many features and details have been added to PowerFLARM, making it harder to understand what is going on: Is the configuration correct? What firmware version is installed, and does it need updating? Was the log file written to the flash drive? What does a solid amber light mean again? Oh my.

PowerFLARM Fusion brings simplicity back to FLARM.

An integrated Wi-Fi module hosts the FLARM Hub web application, making configuration and troubleshooting painless. FLARM Hub is a user interface for mortal humans: It runs on any computer or mobile device, offering a clean, modern, and intuitive user interface. Traffic data can be streamed to navigation apps and EFBs over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The range analyzer is built-in — no need to juggle IGC files anymore.

Of course, Fusion integrates the latest PowerFLARM technology, operating worldwide with optimal performance in every region. It comes fully loaded with all the features, no need to deal with options or license files. Upgrading an existing PowerFLARM Core installation is straightforward, as the dimensions are identical.

Also, it is orange.

Please read up on all the details about PowerFLARM Fusion on our product page.