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Aerobits Omni-directional Ground Station

OGS station is an ADS­-B and FLARM omni­-directional receiver station with a multi-constellation GNSS sensor to provide the best accuracy. LTE connectivity allows usage in all LTE/3G-rich environments without the need for any additional cabling to transmit data. It has been designed to allow quick and easy assembly enclosed in an IP67 case for high weather resistance. The device comes with all necessary cables and antennas for a straightforward installation. It is a perfect solution for permanent installation in open areas for continuous airspace monitoring and for conducting VLOS/BVLOS operations where safety is critical.

R/C Ground Station

The FLARM Ground Station enables airports, drone operators, model aircraft field operators and others to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of others. With a combined strobe/siren, the Ground Station warns ground personnel of nearby aircraft. At the same time, pilots in approaching aircraft are warned of special operations by designating and transmitting a cylindrical Alert Zone.