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Atom UAV Standalone

To safely integrate drones into airspace shared with manned aviation is a demanding challenge for the industry. Leveraging the new FLARM Atom platform, Atom UAV is a comprehensive, fully-featured FLARM system in a tiny package, providing detect & avoid with more than 50,000 manned aircraft. Atom UAV combines a FLARM radio transceiver, an ADS-B receiver, and a Wi‑Fi transmitter for direct-broadcast Remote ID, compliant with ASTM F3411-19. Atom UAV complies with the relevant FCC and EN/ETSI standards.

Atom UAV is also available in an OEM version free of any enclosure.

PowerFLARM Fusion

PowerFLARM Fusion combines the robust and proven PowerFLARM technology with the easiest and most comprehensive configuration and maintenance interface on the market. Introducing FLARM Hub — a web app that runs on the device and works with any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer — configuring your FLARM has just become super easy.

FLARM Hub can be used for firmware and obstacle database updates. IGC files can be downloaded directly to the computer or mobile device. Additionally, FLARM Hub has a traffic display, a bi-directional data port, and built-in tools for range analysis as well as diagnostics & support.

Furthermore, PowerFLARM Fusion has a range of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection options and can connect to major navigation apps directly such as Air Navigation Pro, SkyDemon, ForeFlight, EasyVFR, iPilot, and XC Soar. In addition to the standard FLARM data port protocol (ICD), PowerFLARM Fusion also supports the GDL 90 protocol used by many EFBs and navigation apps.