FLARM also market leader for UAV

For years, there has been a big debate about UAV safety. We have delivered the solution: TBS FLARM. Drones are now visible to aircraft, and drones are enabled to see and avoid aircraft. The system is designed in a way to handle also these new participants in an efficient and safe manner.

We are proud of the first broadly used global traffic information, collision avoidance, and remote identification system for UAV, fully interoperable with 35k+ manned aircraft globally. Different to ADS-B or any other solution, FLARM is truly cooperative, widely used in light aircraft, and dominates the lower airspace outside major airports.

With TBS’s FLARM software update, tens of thousands of UAV’s will in the next weeks join the already large FLARM ecosystem. Hongkong-based company TBS has its largest market stake in the USA, but is also widely present in Asia and Europe.





FLARM Product Selector