FLARM dominantly part of ‘Share the Air’ in the UK

‘Share the Air’ is a UK CAA initiative to promote the use of cooperative technologies for collision avoidance and Electronic Conspicuity (EC) in UK airspace. FLARM is an important part of this and is heavily involved with the CAA in developing the context for requiring collision avoidance technologies in different parts of UK airspace.

During the spring, the UK CAA ran a Call for Evidence, which FLARM participated in and gave extensive feedback. The results have just been published and FLARM was unsurprisingly the system that was acknowledged by most respondents. FLARM is already well integrated into UK airspace with over 7,000 aircraft flying in the UK being equipped to date. Of these, half are powered airplanes and helicopters.

We will continue working closely with the regulators to ensure that as many aircraft as possible are equipped with FLARM to increase the safety for all diligent and responsible pilots.