FLARM awarded at AERO 2012

PowerFLARM Portable was awarded at AERO 2012 the highly regarded Fliegermagazin Award 2012 as the most innovative product. Winning the award will further increase the propagation of PowerFLARM within the powered aircraft market, something highly highly beneficial to all FLARM-equipped aircraft.

In the coming days, we will pass 20.000 installed FLARM systems in the world!

During AERO, we have also added new products to the PowerFLARM product family:

PowerFLARM CORE: the solution for fixed installation, including cutting-edge dual amplified FLARM radios for enhanced range, better coverage, ADS-B In, and PCAS. It works with any Flarm-compliant display or PDA system.

PowerFLARM Portable: a portable PowerFLARM with a well-proven integrated display with ADS-B In and PCAS.

All PowerFLARM products also support the Garmin TIS Interface.