End of support for old F4 and F5 devices; obstacle data at cost

Maintaining software and spare parts for old first-generation FLARM devices sold in 2004 (F4) and 2005 (F5) has become an increasingly demanding task. By end of 2012, we won’t offer any more support for old F4 devices and by mid-2013, we won’t offer any more support for old F5 devices. Upgrading F5 units to IGC-functionality is no longer possible. The next major firmware update due in early 2015 will ensure basic functionality for F4 and F5 units (aircraft and obstacle collision warning).

For the past 8 years and despite significant internal efforts and cost, we have provided obstacle data for free. We will start charging a reasonable fee for obstacle data updates soon. For this, the user will need to enter the serial number of the device.