Droniq UTM enables BVLOS flights drones, uses FLARM for deconflicting

Droniq recently announced the release of its next-generation UTM specifically for long-range flights with no visual line of sight to a human operator (BVLOS).

Enabling BVLOS flights while maintaining a high level of safety is considered critical for unlocking the full business potential of the drone industry, as it allows unprecedented automation and scalability.

Key to the Droniq solution is the Hook-on-device (HOD) transponder. The HOD contains an LTE modem for telemetry, video, tracking, command-and-control, and traffic deconflicting. It also integrates a full and independent FLARM transceiver, detecting (and being detected by) a large number of FLARM-equipped aircraft, both manned or unmanned. This safety function is independent of cellular coverage, providing protection when the LTE link does not.

The addition of BVLOS capabilities makes the Droniq solution the most complete and most usable German UTM solution available today, adding value to all aspects of drone operations.