New FLARM displays from AIR Avionics certified

Two new models of the AIR Traffic Display series from the company AIR Avionics have today been certified as FLARM Compatible in the category ‘Primary Display’. Certification in this category makes it possible to install the display as the main display connected to FLARM devices that don’t have their own display.

The new displays ATD-11 and ATD-80 complement the previously certified display ATD-57, which is to date one of the most commonly installed FLARM displays, especially in powered aircraft. ATD-80 is a larger version of the ATD-57 and fits in a standard 80 mm (3 1/8″) cutout. The ATD-11 is a rectangular model with a large screen, intended for external mounting.

Many functions of the AIR Traffic Displays have been developed as a result of research projects at leading research facilities, such as the Institute of Flight Systems and Automatic Control at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

The displays can be found, together with other certified displays, under the ‘Primary Displays’ category in the Product Selector.