Garmin TIS and Audio Out feature licenses to be removed

The FLARM ecosystem has developed with unprecedented speed in the last few years. Not only have thousands of new FLARM installations been done in GA airplanes and helicopters, but several new PowerFLARM-based OEM FLARM devices have been released by various manufacturers. This has given us lots of knowledge about how the different products are used. In addition, different devices target different target groups (e.g. aircraft types). In these respects, we are continually evaluating our product offerings.

Based on this evaluation, we have decided to remove the Garmin TIS and Audio Out (AUD) feature licenses from our webshop. Both licenses have seen a rather low number of purchases and have come with some technical challenges.

The Garmin TIS functionality has generated an elevated number of support requests regarding compatibility with various 3rd party displays. It is also limited as it allows for a maximum of 8 intruders to be displayed concurrently, and many aspects of a full FLARM display are simply ignored (e.g. error states). Unfortunately, these limitations were not easy to understand by customers and installers.

The Audio Out license has seen a decline in sales when this functionality has been replaced by similar functionality in displays and integrated FLARM systems. In addition, due to upcoming certification requirements for FLARM in rotorcraft, audio warnings need to be more closely integrated with the specific aircraft systems and configuration, which is not possible with the current audio out implementation.

The Garmin TIS and Audio Out licenses will be removed from the webshop end of 2018. Purchases of these licenses will continue to be unrestricted until that time. Licenses that have once been purchased will continue to be functional without restriction. Devices purchased in 2018 or earlier will continue to remain eligible for the licenses. Please contact us in such cases.

These changes will have limited effect but will help us focus on the functions and features that have a high value for the users.