Time-limited FLARM offer for AeCS members – 2015


Thank you for your interest in having FLARM installed in your aircraft. There are already over 25’000 FLARM equipped aircraft in service today, and by joining the community you are significantly decreasing the risk of having a mid-air collision.

FLARM Technology GmbH and Aero-Club der Schweiz (AeCS) have teamed up to offer AeCS’ members this unique opportunity of acquiring a PowerFLARM CORE to a discounted price. The offer includes an EASA approved Minor Change Approval (MCA) and installation.

Included in the offer

The following items are included in the offered package:

  • PowerFLARM CORE ADS-B incl. GPS Antenna (internal), 2x FLARM Antennas (external) and ADS-B Antenna (internal)
  • A FLARM®-compatible display
  • Obstacle Database: Alps 2016
  • License: Second FLARM Antenna
  • License: External Audio
  • MCA (Minor Change Approval)
  • Optional: Installation by an approved organization

The package can be bought either with or without installation. Please be advised that the PowerFLARM CORE is not functional without proper installation. Installation has to be done according to Part-21.

Price without installation: 2.207 CHF incl. VAT
Price with installation: 4.902 CHF incl. VAT

We are expecting a great demand for this limited offer. To be able to serve everybody as efficiently as possible, we kindly ask you to fill out the pre-order form below. When the units are ready for installation, we will send you an email with a link to the final order form.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The offer is valid for orders made on or before 31.03.2016.
  2. The offer is only valid for Swiss organizations and individuals who are members of AeCS, MFVS, SFVS, EAS or thereto connected clubs.
  3. The offer is only valid if a pre-order has been made on or before 31.05.2015.
  4. The aircraft registration and aircraft type have to be stated in the order form.
  5. The offer is only valid for aircraft registered in Switzerland.
  6. The order form supplied by FLARM Technology (web-based) has to be used.
  7. MCA (Minor Change Approval) is only valid for listed aircraft.
  8. The price with installation is valid for maximum 16 hours of labor.
  9. The price with installation does not include installation material and additional accessories.
  10. When buying the package with installation, the installation has to be done on or before 31.12.2016 at a maintenance organization designated by FLARM Technology.

Pre-order form

Please fill out this form to make a pre-order. The pre-order is not legally binding.

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Aircraft Category

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